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Audition, Monologue,
Improvisation, Scene Work,
Cold Reading Techniques.

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In addition to her considerable experience as an actor, Billie Shepard has trained actors for both stage and on-camera work for 30 years. Her unique approach stems from her extensive background working in both arenas.

Billie helps you fully explore the nuances of working on stage and on camera – to be able to find and fearlessly convey the emotional truth in each scene, regardless of the medium.

Actors are emotional athletes. They need the trained eyes of a coach to keep them on track while they practice and internalize how it feels to be in a truthful moment.

"It's like learning to ride a bicycle," she says. "You peddle, you wobble, you fall off and then try again. One day it clicks. The motor memory kicks in and you take off. Actors need to practice so the muscle memory can be properly trained."

Billie will guide you through the tangle of emotional, psychological and physical terror, helping each actor reach that other side where their full talent, style and confidence can come to the fore - whatever the venue.



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