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Audition, Monologue,
Improvisation, Scene Work,
Cold Reading Techniques.

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What students are saying:

"Ask anyone who's worked with her and they'll tell you:
Taking Billie's class is like taking acting vitamins."
Michael Kostroff
HBO's The Wire, The Producers, Les Miserables

"The first call I make after getting a challenging audition or being cast in a new role is to Billie. She is an incredibly insightful teacher and has helped me innumerable times."
Catherine E. Coulson
"The Log Lady," Twin Peaks
Appearing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“Billie has helped me refine my skills by never allowing me to compromise a truthful moment by trying to ‘act’…You may not remember all she says but you will not forget how she got you to the place you needed to be.”
Francisco Oliva

"When I decided to get serious about acting I was directed to Billie – and it literally changed my life! In just a few months I was auditioning everywhere. As a result, I have had a 75% callback rate and have been cast in two wonderful parts this year, with another on the horizon!"
Jean Conger

“Suhail loves Billie Shepard. She’s the best acting coach I have had and it has really helped me with my acting skills.”
Suhail Tayeb
“Salman,” Night of Henna
"Billie created an encouraging environment where I could settle into myself, and from this condition, I could communicate directly. She's intuitive, insightful, with a great sense of humor and purpose. I made enormous strides in her class as a film actor."
Lee Vogt
"Billie taught me an actor knows how to let eternity appear in each moment."
Fred Raillard
Director, Writer, Actor
"Billie has razor-sharp intelligence, wit, energy and an ability to focus on the art of being real. Her emphasis on being in the moment and her technique of making the actor own the scene creates an authenticity that the pros look for when they search for rare talent."
Michael Ehrenberg
"Working with Billie is like raw therapy. To be an actor worth watching, one is expected to expose herself from the inside out, displaying all her vulnerabilities, secrets, passions, and strengths for the audience to gape at from their protected venue. It's a full body-and-mind workout. Billie takes no passengers. Only active participants can ride."
Marianne Shine
"Billie is what she teaches - authentic, honest, present, courageous, creative, and generous."
Rick Eigenbrod
"I thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. You’ve changed my life. You’ve taught me to respect what I’m most passionate about. I am grateful that you were always so honest with us. You have affected me positively in more ways than you could imagine."
Angelina Cheng
"I just want to thank Billie from the bottom of my heart. She inspired me to get back into auditioning, and low and behold, I just got cast in my first show in 17 years! Thank you, Billie, for cutting through the bullshit and helping me face my biggest challenge, myself."
Bret-Jordan Kreiensieck
"I have been so lucky to have Billie as my very first acting teacher, for she has given me a strong foundation of the needed techniques, skills and most importantly, mindset. With an engineering background, acting seemed to be such an ‘illogical’ and ‘imperfect’ craft to me. Billie ‘reprogrammed’ me to understand what art is as opposed to science. I wouldn’t have launched my career if not for Billie."
Michael Yan


"There is simply no better way to quickly gain confidence in front of the camera. Billie compels you to achieve your goals from the moment she steps into the classroom."
Tom Kelly

"I really enjoyed your class and since I’ve taken it I’ve been working more regularly. I just completed my first week at the SF Punch line with Wanda Sykes."
Lee Levine
Comedian, Actor

"As a direct result of your class, I was signed by Stars, the Agency, have booked a number of on-camera jobs and usually get at least as far as a callback in auditions. Thank you for being a great teacher (and for convincing me to cut my hair)."
Craig Knudsen

"This has been the most illuminating class I have ever experienced! Your energy and love for the work is inspiring. I wish I could bottle you and dab you behind my ears before every audition. I will remember all your kind words."
Stephanie Milligan

"I can’t thank you enough for your honesty, direction, toughness and love. Thank you for teaching."
Aimee Van Dragt

"I want to thank you for your no-bullshit approach to theater. It was a tough transition from my childhood theater habits. But after five weeks with you, I know I am now headed in a good direction."
Michele Gersberg

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