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Overcome Fear to Become an Inspired Speaker

It's a fact. Most people fear speaking in public more than they fear heights, snakes or even death.

When you rise to address a staff meeting or a packed convention hall, if you feel a rush of panic, a case of the jitters, tend to lose your concentration or your audience, you're not alone. Billie Shepard & Associates will help transform that fear into energy - so that you become the most effective speaker you can be.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Billie Shepard & Associates provides speakers training in private and group coaching sessions for a diverse range of clients throughout the United States. Using techniques designed to build presentation skills before live audiences as well as on camera, Billie Shepard has successfully coached CEOs, CFOs, managers, trainers, authors, and performers.

By combining real-world public speaking tips and proven acting techniques, Billie Shepard prepares you to speak with confidence before any audience from staff meetings and client presentations to trade show demonstrations and keynote speeches. This course guides you through the knothole of fear to become a persuasive speaker.

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